Sports Therapy



"I would highly recommend the service that Gary provides. I went with a tear in my calf and within a couple of weeks i was able to get me back to my old self and back in the gym. He makes you feel so welcome from the moment you make the appointment and so relaxed when you are having your treatment. Thanks for your help Gary."

Mandy Nuttall;


 I Have visited Gary for various sports injuries. I have always found the atmosphere to be friendly and professional. More importantly the treatment and advice was excellent, which in turn minimized my recovery time. This allowed me to return to training with confidence. I would recommend Gary to anyone and everyone suffering from a sports injury.

Martin Smith;


“I found my treatment with Gary very benificial and i would recommend his clinic to anyone with a sports injury as my pain as significantly improved with the treatment.”

John Pidgeon;


“After long term problems with shin splints and visiting 2 other physiotherapists, my husband mentioned GB Sports Therapy – finally I’ve found somebody who has made great progress towards getting me back running in 6 visits, that wasn’t even nearly achieved going twice a week for 6 weeks elsewhere. Finally I am working my way way back to running minus all the pain and aggravation of shin splints.”

Julie Valentine;


“Been using Garry for a couple of month now on my legs and the results are outstanding. My running and cycling are seeing the benefits of his treatment.”

Sam Dutton;


“After many years of unsuccessful physio on the arthritis I have sufferred in my back, neck and shoulders, I approached Gary for some treatment and have since been a client of his for over 7 years. Gary provides me with the type of treatment I require to reduce the pain I endure and I owe my whole wellbeing to Gary’s skill.’ Would definitely recommend Gary for any ailments or injury that requires physio.”

Mildred Cunliffe;


“Hi just would like to say thanks to Gary for correctly diagnosing my foot. He is excellent at his job I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is that good I’m going back after surgery.”

Cheryl Hansbury;


“I recently had treatment from Gary for severe pain in my shoulder,also very limited movement.After two treatments I had very little pain and a lot more mobility.Worked a treat for me.”

Eddie Wynn;


“I feel very fortunate to have found a sports therapist so effective at identifying the root causes of the back problems I have had, helping me understand the best treatment which he is very thorough in applying, and what stretching exerecises I need to do in between sessions to ensure I stay fit and improve performance levels.”

Andrew Collis;


“Went to GB Sports Therapy with a muscle inpingement in my shoulders and within 2 weeks was back on weights in the gym. Now build weights back up and train 5 times aweek.After my first treatment I came off all my talbets so I found my treatment very benifical ! That’s wat you call first class treatment.GB Sports Therapy get results I wouldn’t use any were else.Come along way since attending GBST feel better than ever, was in a lot of pain which affected my life style as being a busy mum of 2 young children. “

Victoria Bridge;


“ For years I have had trouble sleeping and training with aching and niggling pain in shoulders, lower back and neck, after trying all sorts of remedy’s and listening advice doctors had to say for 2yrs, I decided to try Gary Blackledge, and within 1 month of sessions I have never felt any niggles or aches, and feel a lot more relaxed than I ever have. But for peace of mind I carry on having 1 treatment per month, and 6 months later I still feel great.”

Dean Clark;


“All treatment i had was excellent and i was made to feel very comfortable I have been on a number of occasions and have recommended Gary to a number of friends . And would allways use his services again and would recommend him to anyone .”

Stephen Ratchford;






"I have been coming in to see Sharon for over a month now, and can highly recommend her. After recent hernia surgery I was left with a lot of internal scar tissue, and made an appointment with Sharon to see if massage could help. I am due to have my final treatment next week and my scar tissue is much improved. Sharon is very welcoming and friendly and I found the sessions to be relaxing and enjoyable"

Jane, Wigan;

As a regular fitness enthusiast I have always found most massages, including those listed as “Sports Massage”, a little lacking in depth and intensity.  I was looking for deep tissue work and a little more applied pressure than you generally find and Sharon at GB Sports Therapy delivered just that. The Full body treatment is very comprehensive yet still focusses on the  major muscle groups ensuring that I’m ready to continue my training program in top condition. If you prefer your sports massage to be deep and thorough then I fully recommend Sharon and GB Sports Therapy.

See you soon

David, Leyland;

I met Sharon at the Gym I work at, Xercise4less, in Wigan, and she told me she did Sports Massage at Wigan Therapy Clinic which is very close to the gym. I play rugby, so on Monday mornings when I am really stiff I go and get a massage and it helps me loads for recovery. Sharon is excellent at what she does and really makes me relax and unwind, so now i go every month for a regular massage, I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Sarah, Wigan;

I have been having Sports Massage from Sharon for about 18 months now. I train 6 x per week doing both weights and cardio and find my muscles get very tight the longer i leave it, which affects my training, makin it hard to train at 100%.

I now have regular deep massages from Sharon on a weekly basis and this helps me considerably with my recovery and therefore improving my workouts. I would recommend Sharon to anyone who takes training seriously or just suffers with tight muscles.

Gareth, Wigan;

I had some historic knee injuries and reconstructions and I was really struggling to stretch my muscles adequately so I decided to get some sports massage to see if that would help. I worked with Sharon for about a month, having sports massage once a week, and the results were great! The massages enabled me to train harder and more effectively, and helped heal some of the historic scar tissue in my hamstrings. Sharon worked really hard to understand what it was I wanted from the sessions and the results were fantastic - I would highly recommend her!

Rob, London;