Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Massage Therapy


Sharon Blackledge S.A.C.D.

Sports Injury & Sports / Remedial Massage Therapist

M. 07803 354448


Sharon is a former member of the Great Britain Gymnastics Team and was a highly experienced paramedic for over 14 years, so fully understands the need and benefits of Sports Massage and injury prevention. As an elite athlete, Sports Massage is essential for the prevention of injury as well as speeding up recovery after competition or a tough training session. Sharon also realises how beneficial this kind of treatment is to anyone of any age no matter what kind of lifestyle they lead. Office workers, Builders, Factory workers etc, are all prone to tight and damaged muscles caused by posture or heavy / repetitive lifting etc. Sports Massage is an essential treatment to deal with these problems. 


Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy is not just for sports people , it helps many people who have never played sports !

It is a proven method of relieving pain, increasing movement and improving performance in your specialized field whether it be on the track or easing tension and stress whilst in the office.

Sports Massage is a no nonsense technique that deals directly with the bodies soft tissue. It has developed over the years to deal with specific conditions within the human body that are affected due to repetitive / overuse or overloading of the joints and muscles.

When injuries to the muscles occur the fibres become mal-aligned. Our muscles are covered with a layer of connective tissue known as Fascia. This Fascia covers all the muscle fibres and is one continuous piece of tissue. Normally the muscle is soft and pliable in a healthy body but when injury occurs our movement is restricted and postural misalignment occurs, the fascia / muscle becomes hard and scar tissue forms trapping toxins and causing pain and discomfort, which leads to a series of structural compensations which lead to further pain and problems throughout the body.

Therefore Sports Massage is just as important to an office worker who spends hours at an unsuitable desk as it is to an Olympic athlete suffering from a torn hamstring.

Like sports people we all have challenges in life, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, so it is appropriate that we give our bodies the same quality of treatment !

So whether you are a Bodybuilder, athlete, office worker, builder or just suffering from stress and tension, this type of treatment is designed around your specific needs so you can expect a tailor made session every time.

Sports Therapy / Injury Treatment


Initial Consultation, Including Treatment  - £35.00

Further Treatments - £35.00


Massage Therapy 


Half Body Sports Massage - £20.00

Full Body Sports Massage - £40.00

G5 Massage (20 minute treatment) - £25

Massage Therapy Opening Times;

Tuesday - 12pm - 6pm

Wednesday - 12pm - 5pm

Thursday 12pm - 6 pm

Friday 12pm - 5pm

Saturday - 10am - 2pm






Please Note that All Payments are valid for 6 months from purchase